Deborah Teamer Bunting // Community Development Manager

Deborah Teamer Bunting // Community Development Manager

As Community Development Manager, Deborah Teamer Bunting oversees several of NAC’s programs and services directed to Nebraska’s arts organizations or nonprofit community and volunteer organizations. Deborah manages the Arts Project category and Community Arts Councils, Mini-Grants and community based initiatives. While at the NAC, Deborah has worked on special projects and initiatives including Soon Come: The Art of Contemporary Jamaica, the Latino Arts Initiative and most recently the development of a new Cultural Arts and Entertainment District in Omaha.

Deborah first came to the NAC as an artist-in-residence. While working as a textile artist, she traveled the Midwest conducting residencies using contemporary techniques to teach traditional African textile design. Deborah’s past employment has included working freelance as an artist for organizations including Joslyn Art Museum, Museum of Nebraska Art and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Her works range from exhibitions to serving as a lead artist for other collaborative projects.

Deborah was born and raised in Omaha, where the arts were a powerful influence in her home. 402.595.3940