Chryst, Keri

Chryst, Keri

Keri Chryst
Paris, France / Chicago, IL

Keri Chryst’s residencies empower people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, using music and the arts as a vehicle to develop technical skills while broadening participants’ perspective on the world and the world of the arts. She works with choirs, theater actors, bands & orchestras, and students of French & International studies. Keri’s classes and workshops may address authentic jazz styles, intro to improvisation, vocal & instrumental technique, musicianship & rehearsal skills, the creative process, entrepreneurship in the arts and cross-cultural exchange in the arts. Keri can also provide general coaching in musicianship and stage presence for existing performance repertoire. Intensive coaching sessions with the core groups are interspersed with Q&A or coaching sessions for other interested parties – culminating in one or more public performances for all involved! Keri has toured internationally with her ensemble, the French Connection, and she has educated young people in far-flung places ranging from Tanzania to France to Nebraska. Although she is based in Paris, France, Keri frequently travels to the U.S., and is eager to lead AiS/C residencies in Nebraska.