Omaha Guitar Trio *NEW*

Omaha Guitar Trio *NEW*

Omaha Guitar Trio
Omaha, NE
(402) 212-0121

Omaha Guitar Trio provides formal music education with emphasis on the techniques of the classical guitar tradition, introducing formal works from the Romantic Literature, folk styles from Spain (Flamenco), popular songs arranged by OGT, and original compositions that infuse a diverse array of techniques. The Trio introduces the importance of guitar, its rich history, and social aspects of playing music in groups through discussion, performance and hands-on activities. The Trio's mission is to diversify young people's appreciation of music by exposing students to the classical art form without the 'stuffiness' of the recital hall.

OGT members include Andrew Stickman, Kevin Sullivan and Max Meyer. All three hold degrees in Music from the University of Nebraska and have been teaching guitar privately for three years or more. They will collaborate with teachers to develop residency activities that meet the needs of their students and reach curricular objectives.