Witt, Catherine

Catherine Witt
Omaha, NE
(402) 699-4760

Catherine Witt has been an art specialist for ten years working with kindergarten through grade eight in an Omaha Parochial School. She has also worked with individuals who have disabilities as an artist in residence with VSA of Nebraska (Vision and Strength through the Arts). Catherine is also Coordinator for the Young Artist Exhibition held in conjunction with the Omaha Summer Arts Festival; an arts and education based festival exhibiting youth art in grade levels 6-12, celebrating it's 15th year! Her main focus with all age groups with whom she works is to make a connection through the creativity and self-expression of art. Catherine has experience in teaching clay technique and history, the history and fun of the potter's wheel, history and art of beginning sewing, beginning drawing skills, and puppetry. Sewing can be incorporated with a theme (ex. Nebraska History, Dinosaurs, etc.). Puppetry and puppet theater allows children to create and be the author of their own play. Beginning drawing skills will teach them the drawing secrets of learning to draw animals, nature, animation and self-portrait. Any of the above lessons can be taught with small or large groups.