Gunn, Donna

Gunn, Donna

Donna Gunn
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 890-9664

With performances in Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, and at Cornell University, to mention a few, Donna's never ending passion for music is global in scope. Be engaged, entertained, and enlightened with music that spans over 400 years. Whether in a traditional recital setting or a dynamic outreach program to under-served communities, each compelling program interlaces music and scholarship in an accessible and unforgettable way.

Programming Possibilities

Music On the Trail: Venture into a mysterious bayou of the Deep South, experience a cattle drive through the Wild West, and feel the energy from atop Scottsbluff National Monument as you cross the Oregon Trail. Donna performs music inspired from American folk songs and brought to life by American composers such as Stephen Foster, Aaron Copland, and George Gershwin.

It Was the Age of Revolution: Travel back to the Enlightenment where all things are possible! Experience the "Sturm and Drang" of the eighteenth century where music mirrored the dynamic social changes of the time. Hear the revolutionary developments in the piano and feel the shift in eighteenth century thought as Donna invites you into the world of greats such as Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart.

Romancing the Romantics: Be swept away to the Iberian Peninsula, the vast pampas of Argentina, the islands of Majorca, and Norwegian mountain vistas. Donna recounts enchanting tales of love and adventure as told in the music of Chopin, Grieg, Ginastera, and Albeniz.

Modernity~Music from Our Time: Be delighted in a musical journey through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Uncover how the moderns transformed the style of the old masters to make that which was old new again. Experience the diversity as Donna takes you from Chicago to New York and Russia to France -- something for everyone.

Donna's new performance practice book:
Discoveries from the Fortepiano
Oxford University Press, 2016

Donna's tailor-made programs and residencies delight audiences everywhere. Contact Donna to discuss your audience needs.

Technical requirements: Piano in tune and in good working condition (acoustic piano preferred), microphone, PowerPoint projection capabilities

Maximum negotiable fee: Solo concert $1,100 (block booking rates available). Contact Donna for workshops and residencies to complement your arts experience.

Availability: Currently booking for 2017-18. Some dates still available for 2016-17.