Camille Metoyer Moten Jazz Quintet

Camille Metoyer Moten Jazz Quintet

Camille Metoyer Moten
Omaha, NE
(402) 250-0783

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The Camille Metoyer Moten Jazz and Pop Quintet will bring music to life in cabaret or concert style. Well known songs coupled with new songs will delight all ages.

If desired, the history of jazz singing of years gone by can also be explored through song and dialogue. Notable featured artists include popular performers and their songs of the 20th and 21st centuries. We also have an option of just vocals and keyboard for a smaller fee and a similar format.

Technical requirements: Floor space should be approximately 12' x 12' and raised if possible; standard stage lighting; PA; two microphones and two monitors; three music stands and one high stool. If needed the band can provide sound equipment, which would affect the fee minimally.

Maximum negotiable fees: $2,500 for quintet or $1,600 for duo

Availability: I am excited at the prospect of performing in new locations. Due to some constraints for the band it might be difficult to travel more than four hours in a day. This would of course depend on the schedule of the performers at the time and would always be negotiable.