Doc Woody & the River City Ragtime Band

Doc Woody & the River City Ragtime Band

Robert Woody
Omaha, NE
(402) 496-1303

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The music of Doc Woody and the River City Ragtime Band (with banjo, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, tuba and sometimes drums) captures various styles of Dixieland from Old-Time New Orleans to the Roarin' Twenties to World War II swing to modern musical innovations. Although artistry is foremost, the music varies from boisterous to humorous to mellow. Based in Omaha, Doc Woody and the River City Ragtime Band have, since 1992, enlivened Nebraska audiences. When their Dixieland music plays, the audience starts singing along, tapping toes and clapping hands. Happiness rules!

River City Ragtime Band usually consists of five musicians, however certain concerts may involve a duo or trio. These options allow for potential reduced costs.

Technical requirements: Artists prefer to use an audio system (with six microphones) tailored to the performance site, to be provided by the sponsor. Depending on the technical factors of the performance site (e.g., size of auditorium), the artist may be able to provide the sound system. The sponsor must provide the lighting. Three common stools ( about 3' to 4' high) are requested.

Maximum negotiable fee: $4,136

Availability: With possible exceptions, the performance must be on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.