No Better Cause

No Better Cause

Nate Kellison
Lincoln, NE
(402) 430-1404

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No Better Cause is an award winning pop/soul/funk vocal band hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska. Through a combination of jaw-dropping performances and innovative studio musicianship, their music has put them on a national platform since their humble beginnings in 2002. With a unique assortment of both original songs and uniquely arranged covers, No Better Cause is guaranteed to deliver a show that people of all ages can appreciate and enjoy, whether it be of a rock, pop, funk, soul, jazz or gospel influence... and it's all done using NOTHING but their voices!

Through hard work and a strong dedication to music, No Better Cause has become accessible to almost any venue or setting, making sure that their music and repertoire can always compliment their diverse audiences. Every year, No Better Cause is booked to sing at countless county fairs, churches, college campuses, corporate events and sporting events. The band has also been widely recognized for having one of the most precise and interactive school workshops of any music group around, becoming an annual guest of elementary, middle and high schools everywhere.

Through the amazing support of their family, friends, faith and wonderful fans, these five men have been able to display their talents doing what they love most, and there is certainly No Better Cause than that.

Technical requirements: No Better Cause prefers a 16' x 24' performance area, though this is not a requirement. The group can travel or arrange for professional sound to be provided at most venues for an additional fee. (We recommend the presenter provide professional sound as it will usually save on cost.) No Better Cause will provide required wireless microphones, which is included in the booking fee.

Maximum negotiable fee: $6,825

Availability: No Better Cause has sporadic availability through April 2017. Beginning in May 2017, the group does not have travel restrictions.