Omaha Percussion Ensemble

Omaha Percussion Ensemble

Michael Pollock
Omaha, NE
(402) 680-1287

The Omaha Percussion Ensemble is committed to performing and promoting the true gamut of what the world of percussion has to offer. We use our many resources to work closely with local education institutions and other community groups to continue the advancement of percussion in Omaha and around the Midwest. We present a interactive concert that takes the audience through a history of multicultural music. The main theme throughout the performance is "Music will find a way!" Through the introduction of musical instruments throughout the world as well as the originas of several musical styles, the one constant glue is that music survives, adapts, and will ALWAYS be essential to the human experience. In addition to performing, we offer clinics on all varieties of percussion and music topics, masterclasses for any experience level of percussionist, intensive camps/residencies for more in-depth study, AND enthusiastic workshops for non-percussionists and non-musicians alike.

Technical requirements: Prefer to use any and all percussion instruments venue has access to. Not required but preferred. When nothing available, we do provide EVERYTHING. Therefore, our only requirement is an open floor/stage space approx. 10' x 10'. However, with advance notice, we can program to the capabilities of the venue. Our intent is to be modular and go along with our theme "Music will find a way!"

Maximum negotiable fee: $2,500

Availability: No travel limitations or schedule restrictions at this time.