Paskowitz, Rita

Paskowitz, Rita

Rita Paskowitz
Omaha, NE
(402) 709-2397

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Nothing is simpler or more profound than a story. And no one tells a story better than Rita Paskowitz.

In the words of the Smithsonian Institute’s Dr. Rex Ellis, “Rita unashamedly presents who she is while mirroring who we all are. With energy that is both infectious and inspiring, I expect her to sprout wings and fly!”

A nationally-known storyteller, facilitator and keynote speaker, Rita has programs to delight every age group and audience type. Whether you are looking to laugh, learn or just live a little larger, Rita will tailor a story performance that is right for YOU. With her background as an actress, writer improvisationalist and comedienne, and her dynamic style, she will inspire you to sprout wings of your own. Bring her to your venue and watch your audience soar!

Technical requirements: Indoor staging flexible. Sound equipment needed for larger spaces, preferably a lavaliere microphone. Outdoor venues must have a defined stage area and not be in sound-conflict with noisier events.

Maximum negotiable fee: $1,000

Availability: 200 miles maximum for one day of performance. Year-round availability.