Juggling by Renee Crosby

Juggling by Renee Crosby

Renee (Crosby) Jizba
Omaha, NE
(402) 203-8893

A juggler for over 30 years, Nebraska-native Renee Crosby has performed for varied audiences throughout the Midwest. She has also taught juggling to students of all ages. Renee has a fast paced, humorous, audience-interactive stage show, and is also able to entertain a crowd as a walk-around performer. In addition, Renee is an excellent juggling teacher with experience in the Nebraska Arts Council’s Artists in Schools & Communities program, Omaha Community Playhouse, community colleges, workshops and private lessons. Juggling can improve eye-hand coordination, concentration, visualization, reading and teamwork skills, and self-esteem. Several workshops are available, including learning to juggle and teaching leadership skills through juggling.

Technical requirements: Minimum performance space of 10’ x 7’, flat stage area with at least an 8' ceiling and a table (approx. 4’) for props. A microphone on a thin metal stand or a lavaliere microphone (corded or wireless) will be needed for large audiences. For workshops, an indoor, open area allowing 5' per participant, maximum of 30 people.

Maximum negotiable fee: $950 (show options include a stage show, roving or teaching/workshops)

Availability: Prefers to travel no more than 120 miles or approximately 2 hours on performance day.