The Brass Ring

The Brass Ring

Fran Sillau
Omaha, NE
(402) 660-6892

The Brass Ring: A play about our abilities follows Johnny, a young disabled circus clown. While he faces day-to-day challenges, he inspires others to believe they can do anything if they believe in themselves. This is an engaging audience participation piece that teaches acceptance and encourages individual expression.

The presentation runs 30 minutes and includes 10 minutes of Q&A. Pre- and post-show interactive theater workshops that explore the themes of the play are available. Study guides are also available to extend the experience of the play beyond the performance.

Technical requirements: A theater with basic theater lighting (a basic wash) is preferred. However, a multi-purpose room works just as well.

Maximum negotiable fee: $1,493

Availability: No travel limitations or schedule restrictions at this time.