Annual Series & Events Grants (ASE)

Program provides annual program support to organizations that produce and/or present the same event or series of arts events on a recurring basis. Organizations in this category must demonstrate consistent artistic, educational and cultural value; responsiveness to their community; credible planning and evaluation strategies; and a high level of financial and managerial accountability, including a history of successful NAC grantsmanship.

ASE grants support single arts events or a series of arts events that are open to the general public in the state of Nebraska. A series may have multiple components, disciplines and/or performances. Examples include exhibitions, performances, poetry readings, commissions and/or support of new work development, arts festivals, community murals and ethnic heritage projects.

Eligibility: ASE applicants must be pre-approved to apply. Organizations must:

  • be incorporated in Nebraska for a minimum of three years prior to applying.
  • have Federal tax-exempt status.
  • produce and/or present the same event or series of events on a recurring basis.
  • demonstrate a successful history of grant writing and management as a Project Grant for three consecutive years.

Note: All projects primarily targeting youth must apply in as an Arts Learning Project or Artists in Schools/Communities grant.

Grant Amounts: Determined on a year-to-year basis and based upon a fixed percentage of the series/event budget, available funding and NAC approval.


  • Spring Deadline: March 1 (for projects taking place July 1 - June 30)
  • Fall Deadline: October 1 (for projects taking place January 1 - June 30)

Note: Projects that span the summer may have a start date as early as June 1 and an end date as late as August 31.

Contact: Rachel Morgan // 402.595.2142