Basic Support Grants (BSG)

Due to budget limitations, the NAC is not considering new applicants to the Basic Support Grant Program at this time. 

Provides annual general operating support to arts organizations across Nebraska that make important contributions to the vitality of our communities and cultural landscape of our state. Organizations must demonstrate excellent artistic, educational and cultural value, responsiveness to their community, credible planning and evaluation strategies, and a high level of financial and managerial accountability, including a history of successful NAC grantsmanship.    

Organizations considering BSG must contact NAC staff to inform them of intent to apply prior to following the steps below.

Eligibility: To be considered for BSG funding, arts organizations must first meet basic NAC eligibility criteria plus the following BSG criteria:

  • Demonstrate three years of consecutive, successful grant writing and grant management with the NAC that exhibits cultural leadership within the community served, which includes evidence of collaboration with other organizations, strong board leadership, innovative outreach related to program goals and relevant participation in broader community activities.
  • Be an arts organization, dedicating 51% or more of its budget to producing or sponsoring arts events or to providing arts services.
  • Have a budget of at least $50,000 that demonstrates a diversity of income from earned and unearned income sources, such as individuals, businesses, foundations and government support.
  • Schedule events on a year-round (not seasonal) basis. This generally includes two or more productions/presentations/exhibitions and two or more outreach activities to underserved audiences annually.
  • Provide an independent audit or financial review. BSG organizations with budgets of $750,000 and above must submit an audit and continue to provide an independent audit every three years.

Process and Timeline:

  • August 1: Deadline for a representative to setup a consultation with NAC staff, who will review funding options and eligibility criteria.
  • October 1: Deadline for a Letter of Request to apply to the BSG category. Organizations must also submit a mission statement, strategic plan, annual list of activities, annual budget and other documents for review. Based on a review of the letter and submitted materials, NAC will assess whether or not admission into the BSG category is in the best financial interest of the organization.  
  • December 1: Organization will be notified of eligibility for the March 1 BSG application deadline.

Grant Amounts: Determined on a year-to-year basis based on budget size, available funding and panel recommendations.
Note: The applicant must have enough cash to match all of the dollars requested.

Deadline: March 1

Contact: Deborah Bunting // 402.595.3940
Rachel Morgan // 402.595.2142