School Bus for the Arts Grants (SBA)

Program provides grants to underwrite the cost of field trips and admission fees for K-12 students to attend professional arts events such as live music, dance or theatre performances, and cultural exhibits at museums or other venues. There must be an arts focus to the field trip.

Priority will be given to schools and communities that lack access to arts or cultural programs due to geography, economic conditions, ethnic background or disability. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until all available funds are awarded.

Eligibility: Nebraska-accredited public or private schools or nonprofit organizations that serve pre-K-12 students.

Grant Amounts:

  • Schools or organizations serving FEWER than 300 students may submit ONE application per school year (maximum request $500)
  • Schools or organizations serving 300 students or MORE may submit ONE application per school year (maximum request $1000) or TWO applications (maximum request $500 each)

Deadline: At least four weeks prior to the event date.

Contact: Anne Alston // 402.595.2196

School Bus for the Arts grants are closed for fiscal year 2017. The grant category has reached its funding limit. The grant will reopen on July 1, 2018. Schools may be able to apply for NE 150 Experience funds for field trips to qualifying locations, see here.

Note: School Bus for the Arts grant applications are submitted via email. Complete the application and send as an email attachment from the organization's executive director or school's principal to NAC Grants.