Nebraska State Poet Added to POL Anthology

Nebraska State Poet Twyla Hansen has been added to the list of notable poets published in Poetry Out Loud’s online anthology. The anthology, which includes approximately 800 poems from eras past to present, is used by thousands of students each year as they prepare to recite poetry in competitions at school, state and national levels.

Hansen, who lives and works in Lincoln, was named state poet in 2013. Her poetry strives to make connections between the natural and human worlds. Of the program she says, “Poetry Out Loud is an opportunity for students to explore and appreciate the work of classic and contemporary poets. Participants in Poetry Out Loud learn to value skills they will carry with them for life.”

Her poem, August 12 in the Nebraska Sand Hills Watching the Perseids Meteor Shower, was added to the anthology this month. The poem originally appeared in Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet, published by Backwaters Press in 2011, featuring poetry by Twyla Hansen and Linda M. Hasselstrom. Her poem and complete bio can be read online.

Poetry Out Loud is a national poetry education and recitation competition for high school students. The program, available to all Nebraska high schools free of charge, meets many Nebraska state standards in English Language Arts and Theatre. All Nebraska high schools are invited to register through November 30.