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The Fred Simon Gallery presents the artwork of a select number of Nebraska artists each year. You are welcome to visit the gallery, which is located in the Nebraska Arts Council offices at the historic Burlington building at 1004 Farnam Street, Lower Level, in Omaha's popular Old Market District.

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Katie Frisch: November 3 - December 12 , 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, November 7, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

What is My World Without You?

I had already been experimenting with eco prints, a process of transferring both color and contour from plants to paper or fabric. I always love the imagery found in nature and co-creating with natural material. So beautiful, but I wasn’t sure if there any meaning behind which plants I was to use. Should my volunteers be any leaf or flower that crosses my path?

In March, family and friends sent flower arrangements and potted plants for my beloved brother’s funeral. I knew I wanted to give the flowers another journey, but I struggled at times with whether I should—this is such a devastating loss, how can I allow myself to make beauty from it? How can I even spend time making this artwork, or functioning in any normal way since my life is now so un-normal? Even if it does turn out wonderful, who cares? Someone I love will never see it.

My mind has been everywhere while these plants have sat in my freezer, my dyepot, pressed between pieces of paper and metal in anticipation of a beautiful print. I have been through thoughts of what could I have done; how did I not see the struggle; I don’t know if he liked avocados and now I can never ask him; if I could see him now, how tightly could I hug him and how hard could I punch him; little brother; baby brother; Travis; Travis; Travis… I cycle through those thoughts, but now, three months later, I think mainly about the present reality of what my life is like, will be like, without ever seeing him again in this world. His absence itself is a presence and we are all rearranging our lives and our expectations of the future. I rearrange these important plants which carry with them sympathy, love, their own loss, in a way that I hope is honoring to Travis. Even today I feel almost guilty making this series, but right or wrong, I have been able to take once vibrant but quickly dying things and make them into something new.

--Katie Frisch, Exhibiting Artist

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