Can I apply for a grant (as an individual artist)?

Unfortunately, the NAC does not provide project grants that award money directly to artists.  However, if an artist is working with a nonprofit organization or school, we can help! Project costs, including materials and artist fees, are eligible expenses that can be paid to an artist through a grant awarded to an organization or school.

Artists can also apply to join our Artist Roster as either a teaching or touring artist. As a directory artist, sponsoring schools or presenters will apply for a NAC grant to pay your fee.  As a residency or touring artists, the grant will only cover your fee and travel expenses.

The NAC also awards Individual Artist Fellowships to artists that have demonstrated exemplary career achievements.  In addition to visual arts, IAF fellowships are available to writers in all categories of literature, and to the originator in performance, such as choreographers, composers and playwrights.