Where can I find an artist?

If you are with a school or community group that is interested in hosting a teaching artist, please visit our Teaching Artist Roster. These artists have gone through a rigorous process that confirms the quality of their artistic product and their ability to engage participants in new learning experiences. Roster artists in this category are familiar with developing curriculum and Nebraska’s Fine Arts Standards, and can assist classroom teachers and art specialist in developing activities that meet these objectives.

If you are interested in hiring a performer, performing group or traveling art exhibition, visit our Touring Artist Roster. These artists have gone through a rigorous process that affirms a consistently high level of artistry and professionalism.

Artists on both rosters can also be contacted for projects not related to our teaching or touring grants. Artists are free to negotiate the fee for their services with you. The fee structure outlined for our AiS/C and NTP grants provide a realistic estimate for the cost of hiring an artist.

Please keep in mind our Artist Roster reflects a small percentage of Nebraska’s community of artists. An Excel spread sheet of roster artists and their contact information can be requested from our Grants Manager . If you have questions regarding specific circumstances, feel free to contact us – we may not have the exact answer to your question, but can provide you with other avenues for research.