Joyce Hasselbalch // Lincoln

Joyce was born in Wahoo (Saunders County), Nebraska, and later her family moved to a much smaller town: Memphis, Nebraska. During the late 1970s, Joyce attended the University of Nebraska as a nontraditional student, and later received her bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Science. Although it was not required for her major, her favorite class during her university years was "The Arts Today," where Joyce gained greater appreciation for the arts and their contribution to one's culture. Joyce remarried in the early ‘80s and traveled extensively with her husband.

Joyce served on the guilds of both the Lincoln Community Playhouse and the Lincoln Symphony. She enjoys writing poetry, although she does not consider herself an artist. Joyce immensely appreciates the arts and is excited to serve on the Nebraska Arts Council board. She believes the arts council plays an essential role in providing opportunities to appreciate and participate in the arts for those in rural Nebraska as well as in metropolitan areas.