Cohen Vollmer, Sheri

Cohen Vollmer, Sheri

Sheri Cohen Vollmer
Omaha, NE
(402) 305-6293

Dance With a Purpose

Bring movement alive! Through a weeklong adventure students will explore locomotor and non-locomotor movement, rhythms and the elements of dance: time, space, energy, body and action through games.

Sheri has s studied with Barbara Metler, Gregory Hines, Cirque, Jacques d'Amboise and Pierre Dulane, Omaha Moving Company, NYU Summer Stock and Disney World. She is the founder and director of ABC Dance Factory and has been a teaching artist for the Dancing Classrooms program. She teaches beginning through advanced classes, specializes in the choreographic process and improv, and can work with all ages. She has taught workshops in Canada, Brazil, Mexico and throughout the United States. Sheri taught dance for 15 years as a contract teacher and part-time teacher in schools and currently teaches K-8 physical education. Genres include musical theatre, tap, jazz, improv, choreographic process and modern dance. She has the ability to provide tap shoes for a weeklong tap workshop for up to 40 participants.

Sheri’s availability for AiS/C residencies is primarily after school, weekends and during the summer.