Schacht, Tracy *virtual options

Schacht, Tracy *virtual options

Council Bluffs, IA

Traci is an enthusiastic and vibrant performance poet. Her emphasis is slam poetry and various forms of

performing poetry. As a disabled woman and former foster youth, she has learned the art of writing and performing poetry to tell your personal story as well as use it as a healing tool. She uses comedy and word games as a way of making reading personal pieces aloud in front of others easier for all in the workshops. She believes in the importance of peer to peer learning, and teaches the art of giving constructive feedback, then allowing for student led feedback sessions. She incorporates music into her workshops to show the various ways poetry can be performed. For her, poetry is fun, raw and entertaining. She brings this to her classes and workshops, with the hope that students will continue to search out and write poetry long after her residency over.