Matthews, Delores

Matthews, Delores

Delores Matthews
Omaha, NE
(402) 215-1371

Delores Matthews is available for residencies or workshops in the music discipline with a focus on how to sing effectively, how to compose songs, and the History of American music with a specialty in Gospel Music as an art form. She has given piano and voice instruction since her senior year in high school, and conducted and played for choirs since age ten. Delores has toured Germany as Music Director for a Gospel recording artist and, during the 50th anniversary of To Kill A Mockingbird Delores was hired as Music Director for a stage adaption of the novel.

She can work in any classroom setting with students of all ages. Delores specializes in voice maintenance and proper use of the voice as an instrument. She teaches vocal warm-ups and techniques such as breathing and proper singing posture. Students will choose a song topic and write songs using popular tunes as the accompanying music. Drawing from her book Let's Sing Together, Delores offers rehearsal techniques for group and individual practice with a concentration in breathing techniques and performance behavior. Delores also conducts teacher in-services during her residencies.