*Driscoll, Delaney

*Driscoll, Delaney

Delaney Driscoll
Omaha, NE
(402) 321-6884

Did you know…Students involved in drama performance coursework or experience outscored non-arts students on the 2005 SAT by an average of 65 points in the verbal component and 34 points in the math component (1)?”

The plays of William Shakespeare are at the core of all the high school literature curriculums in Nebraska. It is unfortunate so many students assume the material is foreign and irrelevant when just the opposite is so very true. When Students are exposed to Shakespeare's plays through the process by which an actor analyzes a play in preparation for a performance, they “Meet the six criteria for rigorous and relevant project-based learning: authenticity, academic rigor, applied learning, active exploration, adult relationships, and assessment practices (2).”
Driscoll’s workshops share the Shakespeare & Company theatre’s philosophy:
”The aim here is to approach acting Shakespeare’s plays in a spirit of play. Fun is a crucial element, as are the rules that guide this play and the discipline required of serious players in any setting (2).” The students love her costumes.

While her specialty is Shakespeare, Driscoll’s main focus is to design each course so that it ties directly into the classroom curriculum. She is very flexible and wide open to exploring any of the classics. She enjoys working with educators on the structure of each residency. Potential ideas and lesson plans are available on her website.

Driscoll has been a member of Actor’s Equity and the Screen Actors Guild for thirty years. She studied with Wynn Handman from the American Place Theatre in NYC, Deborah Hedwall, and David Suchet from the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has performed in several cities throughout the US including New York and Los Angeles and at several of the theatres in Omaha. Her favorite stage roles include Mary Tyrone from Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Kate in Taming of the Shrew and Maggie in Dancing at Lughnasa. Her film credits include Alexander Payne’s, Citizen Ruth, and she played the role of Linda Novotny in his Academy Award winning film, Election.