Edem Soul Music

Edem Soul Music

Edem Soul Music (Edem K. Garro)
Omaha, NE
(402) 813-7851 or (402)-490-4695
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Edem K. Garro also known as ‘Edem Soul Music' is a Ghanaian-American Composer, vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Mindfulness Coach & Motivational speaker from Omaha. Just recently, Edem received the 2017 Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award for Best Soul Artist. As a skilled hand percussionist & vocalist Edem’s West African heritage remains the core foundation of her music.

Whether she is playing the harp with her flutist, singing and dancing with her support vocalists or playing the ukulele or her electronic compositions, Edem's work primarily focuses on cultural preservation and identity. In much of her work the Ga language, her native tongue is used. Although Edem was born as a first-generation American, Edem utilizes the culture that was taught to her in hopes that the youth will remember where they came from— To know who they are, and where they are going.

Edem has performed for several Universities, schools, and organizations from Omaha to Sioux City, she has also performed for venues in Utah to San Diego and Los Angeles, California.

Serving as a 2017 Fellow at the Union for Contemporary Art, Edem has been featured in publications such as The National Trust for Historic Preservation's ‘Preservation Magazine’ and Omaha’s own ‘Encounter Magazine.’ Edem has taken the stage at events like the Olympic Curling Trials, Earth Day Omaha, The KANEKO and also the Union for Contemporary Art. Edem is currently living in Omaha.

Through music and theatrical performances featuring African drumming and dancing, Edem utilizes all her gifts to ensure a better future for those that will come after her. Edem’s musical work is appropriate for all ages and stages of life.

Technical requirements: Two Microphones. Direct input boxes and XLR cables may be beneficial for concert venues. Artist is able to provide a PA system upon request.

Maximum negotiable fee: $5,000

Virtual Option: Edem Soul Music has used platforms from Zoom to Facebook and Instagram Live and will work with potential sponsors to create a virtual experience that's right for you. We have various sound options, and always request a sound check prior to performances!