Novak & Haar

Mark Haar
Novak & Haar
Omaha, NE

Novak & Haar present quality, modern jazz concerts, as a trio or quartet. The group's repertoire draws from the early works of modern jazz, including Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington and Miles Davis, to modern popular music the group feels should be included in the jazz standards book, including music by Santana, Van Morrison and Eric Clapton. As well as playing music written by other people, the group is also expanding its song book with pieces written by members of the band.

Technical requirements: Artists would need access to the concert area at least two hours prior to the start of the concert. The stage should be at least 10' x 20' with grounded electrical outlets. In large venues, we may need to negotiate for additional sound re-enforcement and a sound man. A dressing room would be appreciated as well as a table and a volunteer for CD sales.

Maximum negotiable fee: $2,200

Availability: No travel limitations or schedule restrictions at this time.