Bang Hoffman, Lisa

Bang Hoffman, Lisa

Lisa Bang Hoffman
Lincoln, NE
(402) 474-9611

Lisa Bang Hoffman's body of work has been ongoing since 1998 as an unsentimentalized depiction of the seriousness and vulnerability of childhood, showing children’s complex existence as they navigate their domestic, geographic and social worlds. The social self is both self-created and influenced by their Midwestern, lower middle class environment. These city-dwelling kids are often shown in the nearby rural environment as well as at home. Fictions of childhood and family life are destabilized by this soberness of expression.

Over time, the subject matter has expanded to show more of the environment and the human traces left behind. This has been a natural progression; as the intimacy of the early years of life passes, the evidence of their play and actions within their living space become important subject matter. The recurring interest in the body also continues in this group of photographs.

The images are square, medium format or rectangular 35 mm images. Variations in compositions echo the multiplicity of emotions created by the isolation and selection of a single moment. The context is often not specific, which combined with the small, black and white presentation, creates a sense of timelessness that lends a universality to the images.

Technical requirements: The work is wall-hung; support which can be nailed into as necessary. Track lighting or similar directional lighting is preferred. Each photo is approximately 20 in. across framed. The number of pieces shown can be adjusted to the size of space available.

Maximum negotiable fee: $350

Availability: Full availability June through August. In September through May, availability is restricted to within 100 miles of Lincoln weekdays, and up to 250 miles per day weekends.