Hutchinson & Walsh Duo

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Folk & Traditional Arts

After independently pursuing folk music careers and being friends for years, Will Hutchinson and Orion Walsh have come together to form a folk-duo that focuses on original and famous folk songs, a humorous rapport with each other and the audience, and soaring harmonies and acoustic guitars. With a long-time friendship and camaraderie as independent musicians, Hutchinson and Walsh are excited to bring together their experience and passion for folk music on a new and exciting journey that audiences are welcome to become part of.

The Hutchinson and Walsh Duo is a traditional folk and Americana acoustic cover group based in Lincoln, NE. With tambourine souls and campfire favorites, they fill the hearts of people across the plains like a pair of modern-day Woody Guthries.

The duo was formed during the Nebraska Sesquicentennial when Hutchinson and Walsh performed 21 concerts opening for Shakespeare in the Parks in the capitol city. Both musicians are independent full-time singer/songwriters with a shared love for folk music.

In addition to performances, Hutchinson and Walsh enjoy offering workshops, and preconcert lectures to be combined with performances on the craft of songwriting, music business, and folk music history.

Technical Requirements: Two mics, two DI boxes

Maximum negotiable fee: $2,100

Availability: There are no availability restrictions.

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