I Can’t Give You Anything But Songs

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Musical Theatre, Storytelling

From 1926 to 1972, Dorothy Fields wrote lyrics. She wrote for Broadway and Hollywood and worked with the leading composers of her day, including Jerome Kern, Jimmie McHugh, Sigmund Romberg, Arthur Schwartz and Cy Coleman. The films and musicals she wrote for featured some of the biggest stars of the 20th Century and according to ASCAP, her catalog of songs is unmatched. Her standards include I’m in the Mood for Love, A Fine Romance, On the Sunny Side of the Street, The Way You Look Tonight and I Can’t Give You Anything But Love. All this, and yet most people don’t know her name!

In I Can’t Give You Anything But Songs: The Life and Work of Dorothy Fields, Pippa White, accompanied and supported by Vince Learned, shares the life and work of a fascinating and talented woman who made her way in a business that belonged to men and gave us some of our greatest American songs.

Technical requirements: A piano, well tuned, is required. Ideally requires a playing space of at least 25′ wide x 15′ deep. Unless it is a very small house, group will require a sound system with two microphones on stands and one lavaliere microphone. General warm wash is sufficient for lighting, but stage left area needs to be a little darker for a screen and slides. (If the sponsor can provide a screen, that would be preferable. If not, group will supply.) Dressing room with mirror.

Maximum negotiable fee: $2,100

Availability: Unlimited availability, though prefer no more than three hours drive on the day of performance.


Watch I Can’t Give You Anything But Songs on YouTube.

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