Zedeka Poindexter

  • Omaha, NE
  • Theatre


Zedeka is a North Omaha-born writer and performer.  In her work, she builds a historical record through poems and essays that draw on all five physical senses to connect with readers and listeners.  By sharing stories of people in her community, she creates a relationship with her audience and guides them through the world as she sees and experiences it.

There are two options for performances that can be used.  The first would be a performance rooted in food and family.  The performance will feature poems and essays to build a menu for show participants to build on the idea that language and performance can tap into all the senses. The second performance, titled Sense of the Pandemic, is a one-woman show that walks audiences through her experiences living through the Covid pandemic. Poems and essays will guide audience members through her personal experience one sense at a time.

Cast Iron leads into the writers’ workshops related to food and the ability to guide groups through building a poetic community cookbook. This workshop can be presented to anyone middle school-aged or higher. There is also an option to combine with a visual artist to add layers and dimension to the cookbook project.

Sense of the Pandemic opens the opportunity to have lectures about tapping into feelings and emotions to build a literary time capsule. Workshop participants will be led through a series of prompts that tie in their experiences and observations and the more prominent metaphors that will connect them to readers.


Tech Requirements:

A performance space and a method of amplification.  If lectures or workshops are included, a space with a controlled amount of noise is required to lead participants.

Maximum negotiable fee: $1,650

Availability:  Would like to stay under four hours of travel daily, if possible.

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