Process to hire an artist and apply for a NAC grant

Step 1: Select an artist from the NAC Teaching Artist Roster. Only those artists with (Virtual) next to their name are available for virtual AiS/C programs.

Step 2: Contact artists directly before applying for a grant, and involve them in all aspects of planning the online sessions, including design of activities, setting learning objectives, and scheduling. To start the conversation, inform the artist if you are interested in the AiS/C Visits program (3 sessions) or a longer AiS/C Residency (10+ sessions). Keep in mind these virtual AiS/C program requirements while planning:

• TECHNOLOGY: Technological implementation of the artist visit is the responsibility of the sponsoring school or organization and must be discussed with the artist in advance. Contingency back-up plans should also be considered, and a tech rehearsal is recommended.

• SCHEDULING SESSIONS: The artist and sponsor are responsible for developing a detailed schedule of activities prior to the start date. Daily artist-led activities must be limited to no more than five sessions; each session must not exceed one hour in length. The teacher or organization staff person must host the session and remain present at all times.

• CORE GROUPS: Core Groups are not required for the AiS/C Visits. If planning an AiS/C Residency, you are encouraged to identify a Core Group (classroom or small group) that will meet at least twice with the artist, but this is not required.

• MATERIALS: If materials are needed, the sponsor is responsible for ensuring participants have the necessary materials before each online session begins.

Step 3: Once arrangements have been made with the artist, obtain a signed contract, using NAC’s artist agreement form (artist agreement form in PDF). It must be signed by both parties and uploaded in the online grant application. Terms in this agreement are subject to grant approval by NAC.

Step 4: Apply in NAC’s online grant system:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NAC staff are primarily working remotely and can most efficiently be reached via email. For assistance in creating an account in the NAC grants system, please email or call 402-595-2124.