Arts Learning Project Grants (ALG)

Programs with a strong educational emphasis that may take place in pre-K-12 schools or in community settings outside of schools. Projects should involve a sequential arts education curriculum. Projects that are based in schools must address Nebraska state educational learning standards in the arts and may also be aligned with standards in other disciplines.

Eligibility: Pre-K-12 Schools, school districts, educational service units or non-profit organizations may apply.

  • Basic Support grantees may apply only for school-based projects or for outreach initiatives in other communities.
  • Organizations and college/university departments may apply for either one Arts Project Grant or one Arts Learning Project Grant per deadline.

Grant Amounts: $2,000 - $15,000


  • Spring Deadline: March 16 (for projects taking place July 1 - June 30)
  • Fall Deadline: October 2 (for projects taking place January 1 - June 30)

Note: Projects that span the summer may have a start date as early as June 1 and an end date as late as August 31.

Contact: Anne Alston // 402.595.2196

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