Arts Project Grants (APG)

Support arts programming, productions or events open to the general public. Support is limited to an arts project taking place within a defined period of time. The program or event may have multiple components and/or performances.

Eligibility: All non-profit arts and non-arts organizations, as well as public agencies and subdivisions of government.  

  • Pre-K-12 accredited schools are encouraged to apply for Arts Learning Project or AiS/C grants.
  • Organizations and college/university departments may apply for either one Arts Project Grant or one Arts Learning Project Grant per deadline.
  • Basic Support grantees may not apply. However, they may be a collaborating partner in an Arts Project Grant application made by another organization.

Grant Amounts: $2,000 - $7,500


  • Spring Deadline: March 16 (for projects taking place July 1 - June 30)
  • Fall Deadline: October 2 (for projects taking place January 1 - June 30)

Note: Projects that span the summer may have a start date as early as June 1 and an end date as late as August 31.

Contact: Rachel Morgan // 402.595.2142

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