NAC Recovery Grant

Deadline: Monday, August 17

The purpose of Recovery Grant is to provide financial aid to help nonprofit arts organizations in Nebraska endure the economic hardships caused by the forced closure of their operations due to COVID-19. These funds are for operational support and are not project specific. Preference will be given to those organizations who are actively engaging their communities in arts-related programming.


Arts organizations that have been funded by NAC through an independent review process within the last four years are eligible to apply.

  • An arts organization is defined as an organization that devotes 51% or more of its programming and budget to arts activities, events, exhibitions and performances. NAC may request further information to verify eligibility.
  • Organizations may apply in either the Recovery or Virtual Project Grant category, but not both.
  • Annual Series and Event (ASE) and previous CARES recipients are eligible.
  • NAC BSG grantees are not eligible to apply in this competitive grant category.


Not sure if your organization qualifies for a Recovery Grant? Please contact to verify eligibility before starting a grant application.

Grant Amounts

Grant amounts are determined by the average Total Revenue reported on the organization’s 990s over the last three years.  Funds are operational in nature, and the applicant must specify what the funds will be used for in the budget worksheet.  Ineligible expenses include permanent equipment, capital expenses and food. 

Annual Budget Average
Request Amount
$200,000 and above
$50,000 - 199,999
Less than $50,000

Contact: Rachel Morgan //402-595-2142