Arts Accessibility Grant for Improvement Project Guidelines

Program Description

The Arts Accessibility Grant for Improvement Projects grant is designed to provide non-matching funds to enhance access to an arts organization’s existing programs or facility for persons with disabilities beyond the minimum ADA requirements. A Letter of Intent is required and, if the proposal is determined to be eligible, an invitation to apply will be made. This grant program is made possible with support from the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

Eligible Projects Include

Purchase and staff training of accessibility equipment.

Improvements to existing facilities or infrastructure meant to enhance access.

Professional development for staff on how to improve the accessibility of your organization’s programs. Contact NAC staff for additional guidance if your accessibility project is not listed.


Nonprofit arts organizations incorporated in Nebraska that are federally tax-exempt. An organization must devote 51% or more of its programming and budget to arts activities, events, exhibitions, and performances to qualify as an arts organization. NAC may request information to verify eligibility.

Note: NAC Basic Support Grantees (BSG) and Annual Series and Events Grantees (ASE) are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to organizations and communities that lack access to arts or cultural programs due to geography, economic conditions, ethnic background, or disability.

How to Apply

To be eligible to apply for the Arts Accessibility Grant for Improvements Projects, organizations must first email a Letter of Intent (LOI) to

LOIs must include the following:

Description of the proposed project and how it will address your organization’s accessibility goals.

Budget estimate describing the expenses for your project. After review and approval of the LOI, organizations will receive an invitation to apply.


LOIs must be received at least 12 weeks before the proposed project start date. After organizations have been invited to apply, the application will be due 8 weeks prior to the proposed start date. Note: While funds are available, grants are awarded in the order in which the completed applications are received.

Grant Amounts

An organization may submit one application per year requesting up to $5,000. No cash match is required. Note: Project consultation fees alone are not eligible for funding; however, they may be added to a project budget.


This is a reimbursement grant program. Payment of grant funds will occur after the project is completed and upon successful submission of Final Report documents. Final Reports are due 30 days after project completion and are submitted through the NAC online grants system.

These documents will be required as part of the final report:

  1. A copy of the organization’s Form W-9, if applicant organization has not applied previously.
  2. A copy of the invoice(s) and/or receipt(s) to show final project expenses to be reimbursed. NAC will reimburse for actual costs, up to the amount of the grant, within 60 days after receipt of the Final Report.

Keep in mind, organizations are encouraged to think critically and strategically about proposed projects, and consider the following steps to facilitate the development of the project in cooperation with your staff and board:

Define the challenges the organization is confronting about providing access to patrons with disabilities.

Review your 504 Access plan, if you have one, to identify accessibility goals.

Examine facility and access services to determine a feasible project that can be accomplished and sustained beyond the grant period.

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For a list of recommended service providers and additional resources about arts accessibility, please visit our accessibility page.

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