Creative Aging through the Arts Grant Program Guidelines

Program Description
The Creative Aging through the Arts Program (CAAP) provides funds to hire Teaching Artists trained in best practices of designing and implementing creative programming with older adult participants. During the program, artists will share their expertise through skill-based, sequential arts lessons offered in a variety of disciplines. Sessions will also foster intentional social engagement among participants, culminating with a special event to showcase the participant’s work. Sponsoring sites, including nursing homes, senior centers, libraries, and nonprofits that work with seniors, may hire an artist for a residency consisting of eight sessions.

CAAP Residency Details:

Nonprofit organizations incorporated in Nebraska that are federally tax-exempt, public agencies and subdivisions of governmental agencies. Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, Public Libraries, Housing Authorities, Area Offices on Aging and organizations serving older adults (over 55 years of age) are encouraged to apply.

Restrictions of the Category
Applicants may submit up to two applications for the same artist at a particular site during the NAC fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). NAC reserves the right to limit funding. For-profit organizations are not eligible to apply, however, for-profit entities may choose to contract with artists separately from a NAC grant.

Grant applications are due at least six weeks before the CAAP program start date and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply as far in advance as possible.

Grant Amounts
Applicants may request a maximum of $2,860 per artist per residency site. There is no cash match required. Sponsors will only need to cover program costs if they choose to hire an artist for more than 8 sessions. Important: NAC issues grants to the sponsoring organization; sponsors are responsible for paying the artist.

Use the budget section of the application form to calculate the CAAP program costs.

Process to hire an artist and apply for a CAAP grant:
Step 1: Select an artist from the CAAP Artist Cohort. Only artists on this list are available to serve older adult participants at this time.
Step 2: Contact artists directly before applying for a grant and involve them in all aspects of planning the sessions, including design of activities and scheduling.

While planning, keep in mind the following CAAP program requirements:

Scheduling Sessions: The artist and sponsor are responsible for developing a detailed schedule of activities prior to the start date. It is encouraged to have an organization staff person on-hand, available to assist participants during the course of each session.

Session Types Described:

Activity Session: A minimum of 8 instructional art sessions for in-person programs or a minimum of 4 -6 sessions for virtual programs must be conducted with participants. If the sponsor is coordinating an artist to visit multiple sites in their community, no more than four activity sessions may be planned in a single day.

The following times are recommended (maximum allowable per session is two hours):

Pre-planning Session: 2 paid preliminary planning sessions per site are required for the artist to plan their activity sessions.

Site Meeting with Staff: 1 paid preliminary meeting with artist and site staff is required. During the meeting, artists will inform staff of the planned art activities and solicit input and support where needed.

Office Hours (optional): Up to 6 office hours per site are allowed. Office hours are an opportunity for participants to meet one-on-one or in small groups, virtually or over the phone, with the artist between activity sessions.

Culminating Event: Every residency must showcase the participant’s work with a culminating event such as a share-back performance, exhibition, or community gathering. Artists are paid a maximum of 2 hours to assist with the event.

Materials: Each site may request up to a $200 stipend to purchase supplies; the sponsor is responsible for ensuring participants have the necessary materials before each session begins.

Travel and Accommodations:
Artists are paid $70 per diem each day they are more than 30 miles from home. A maximum of 9 travel days is allowed. If additional travel days are required, the sponsor must cover the costs.
Artists are paid $100 each night they require lodging. A maximum of 8 nights is allowed. If additional lodging is required, the sponsor must cover the costs.

Technology (if virtual): Technological implementation of the artist visit is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization and must be discussed with the artist in advance. Contingency back-up plans should also be considered, and a tech rehearsal is recommended. It is required to have an organization staff person present to provide participant tech-support during the online program.

Step 3: Once arrangements have been made with the artist, obtain a signed contract, using the CAAP artist agreement form (CAAP Artist Agreement Form FY21 PDF). It must be signed by both parties and emailed along with the application packet. Terms in the agreement form are subject to grant approval by NAC.

Step 4: Email completed application packets to
A complete packet must include the following forms:
1. Application form
2. Artist and Sponsor Agreement form
3. For new applicants only: 1) Organization Information form and 2) ACH banking form

AiS/C Artist Background Check Policy
Individuals who are approved for the Artist Roster have been vetted regarding their artistic expertise and suitability as teaching artists. The Nebraska Arts Council does not conduct criminal background checks as part of this process. When contracting with artists, each organization should apply its own policy.