1% for Art RFQ: University of Nebraska Omaha, Roskens Hall


Request for Qualifications Deadline: May 8, 2023

Total Budget: $42,300

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The STEM TRAIL Center exists to elevate human potential by facilitating and creating innovations in formal and informal STEM education. This includes the development of new technologies, inventions, and processes that improve learning outcomes; working closely with community partners to host workshops, speaker series, and conferences for workforce development; development and execution of large collaborative research grants; and other innovative programming with high-impact outcomes.

On UNO’s campus and the Omaha metropolitan area, the center is a catalyst for innovation in STEM teaching. The center annually hosts 1,500+ youths participating in summer camps, 30+ science teachers completing summer programs, 20+ high school and undergraduate students providing youth mentorship, and up to 10,000 other community members per year in STEM engagement activities. The center also provides co-leadership of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem, which is focused on bringing together networks of stakeholders across the Omaha metropolitan area to serve lifelong learners, and includes business, government, educational, non-profit, and other community partners.


Site and Artwork Overview

The Committee is primarily comprised of the key faculty and staff of the UNO STEM TRAIL Center. One of the core concepts they strive to achieve is that STEM disciplines should be accessible and approachable to all people and that the ideas in STEM and how people use them have the power to elevate human potential and make all people’s lives better. The Committee envisions artwork that can take complex or conceptual scientific ideas to a visual space. Whether literal or not, the artwork should inspire curiosity, exploration, inclusivity, and expanded human potential.

There are several wall sites that are possible for an artist to use for this project. The budget for this project will fund only one artist or artist team to complete their project proposal. An artist can choose to use one of the site options, or any combination. The resulting artwork should create a cohesive experience for STEM TRAIL Center visitors. Images of the site options along with their descriptions continue on the following pages.


Selection Process

The UNO Roskens Hall Selection Committee, in consultation with the NAC, has full oversight for the selection of an artist for this project. Professional public artists/teams are eligible who live in the United States. The committee reviews RFQ submissions on SlideRoom. Finalists will receive a presentation honorarium and a travel stipend, if applicable. Finalist presentations should include concept, design, detailed budget for the available funds, installation method, projected maintenance.

A maximum of $42,300 allocated for this project. All expenses for the selected design and commission are the responsibility of the artist/team, including but not limited to: travel/lodging, fabrication and supplies, installation expenses (as needed: engineering, rigging, equipment rental, etc)

Submit materials on SlideRoom, requires a $10 fee via the secure payment system. nebraska.slideroom.com


Timeline *subject to change.

March 13, 2023                  | RFQ posted on SlideRoom

May 8, 2023                        | RFQ Deadline

May 19, 2023                      | Finalists notified

July 24-28, 2023                | Finalist proposal presentations

August 4, 2023                   | Selected artist notified

By August, 2024                 | Artwork installation


Click here for full RFQ and submission instructions.  



Meagan Dion, Public Art and Artist Programs Specialist

Nebraska Arts Council, meagan.dion@nebraska.gov