Darcy Lueking Bahensky (Holdrege)

Darcy Lueking Bahensky is a writer/director from Oxford, Nebraska. She is a graduate of the Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and she continued her post-graduate screenwriting work at UCLA in the Professional Program, founded by her fellow Nebraskan, Lew Hunter.

In Los Angeles, Darcy worked for CAA, FOX, and Broadway Video before returning home to Nebraska, to pursue her filmmaking ambitions in a place where she finds powerful inspiration… and affordable housing.

She works remotely as a freelance commercial treatment writer. To date, she has worked on over 400 national and international campaigns. In her spare time, Darcy records an interview-based podcast called The No Concept Podcast, with titles like “What is it like to be “Nebraska Famous?” and “What is a Montessori education, and how do I get one in rural Nebraska?”.