Lite Pole, Music/Sound (Omaha)

Lite Pole (LP) is an aspiring artist from Omaha, Ne. His articulate rhyme scheme and use of whimsical metaphors define him as one of the most distinguished and unorthodox lyricist on the music scene. Always having a natural inkling for art since a child; LP found his passion for music in 7th Grade after being exposed to his peers free-styling during their daily lunch periods. Since then LP has been developing himself into a fine lyricist and an established producer, creating instrumentals under the alias "2 Stomachs". In 2011, LP began UnPlugged

Connection™ (UPC) under which he operates his music and clothing line. His goal is to spread peace and consciousness to his listeners and breathe life back into the "Art" of storytelling.

LP’s work explores the underbelly of society that is often neglected. With influences such as Amir Suilaman and Maya Angelou to 2pac and Kurt Cobain, he grasps the emotional spectrum of the “average man” and gives it wings through descriptive story telling. Even as a child, he appointed himself as “the people’s voice.” In that role, he recognizes the wrong in the world and hurt within the downtrodden as he strives to be the herald of the “streets” and exploit the less glamorous side of the coin. His motto is “one must ruffle feathers to remind birds they can still fly.”