Sydney Shead, Filmmaking/Screenwriting (Omaha)

Based in Omaha for most her life, Sydney Shead is an entrepreneur and contractual Family advocate and Consultant. She offers consulting and training to human service professionals and organizations with the goal of promoting best practices for partnering with and empowering families in need of community support.

Sydney Shead obtained a Sociology B.A. from the University of Missouri- St. Louis and holds Montessori certifications in Early Childhood Education and Parent-Infant Education along with Youth Thrive™ and Families Thrive™ trainer certifications. Her professional career has mainly been in areas like family support work, parent training, early childhood education. Her training experience focuses primarily on current and/or former foster youth and other children, youth and families in need of community support.

Shead enjoys her interactions with different cultures/people groups, hoping for authentic understanding of the beautiful distinctions in human society. She pushes limits to question widely believed stereotypes and prejudices frequently exploited and magnified in mass media. Most of her passion lies in the desire to see all people given access to information and more societal value of empathy for underprivileged and misrepresented people groups.

Sydney Shead uses her film series, “The Unwavering Project,” to connect the importance of unwavering resilience, community support, representation and creative self-expression to overcome adversity.