Education Grants

The NAC provides grants to support arts education, both in-school and out-of-school. Community-based programming (taking place outside of school settings) may be for youth or adult learners. The NAC’s education-related grant categories include:

Artists in Schools/Communities Sponsor Grants
The Nebraska Arts Council maintains a roster of 80+ teaching artists who are available for educational residencies with schools and communities. Schools that apply for and receive these grants are given funds to hire one of these artists for at least 20 hours of arts instruction. During residencies, artists share their expertise and work with teachers or staff to help students achieve educational goals in the arts and other academic disciplines. Requests up to $2,500 per artist have a floating deadline. Applicants requesting more than $2,500 per artist for extended residencies may apply at the October or March deadline.

Arts Learning Project Grants
These grants support school and community programs with a strong educational emphasis, and that promote lifelong learning in the arts. Projects vary widely, and range from theatre enrichment programs in schools to dance education programs designed for adults with disabilities. Grant requests range from $2,000 to $15,000 in matching funds. Annual grant deadlines for this category are October 1 or March 15.

School Bus for the Arts Grants
Because Nebraska is a vastly rural state, the Nebraska Arts Council offers School Bus for the Arts Grants. These grants cover field trip transportation and admission fees for K-12 students to attend professional arts events and cultural exhibits, experiences that many Nebraska students don’t have due to school budget restraints and geographic location. These grants have a floating deadline.