Poetry Out loud 2019 registration

Registration Page for the Unaffiliated Student Program:

Sign up now for 2020-21 school-year.

Deadline to register - Nov 20

The Unaffiliated Student Program is for high school students in grades 9-12 who wish to participate in the Nebraska POL program, but whose school or homeschool network is not participating. Students who register to be a part of the Unaffiliated Student Program will participate in five online sessions and compete with peers under the guidance of teachers from the Nebraska English Language Arts Council.

  • Students compete for over $50,000 in state and national prizes and scholarships.
  • The Unaffiliated Student Program will include an Orientation, two Work sessions, a Coaching session conducted by a professional performing artist or poet, and a virtual competition.
  • One student champion from this group will move on to compete in the State Semi-Finals.
  • The Nebraska Poetry Out Loud program, including State Semi-Final and State Final Competitions, will be conducted virtually.
  • POL website:
  • Nebraska POL Facebook:


  • Students are only eligible to participate in the Unaffiliated Student POL Program if their school or homeschool network is not already registered. If you do not know whether your school is registered, reach out to Linda Hilliar at
  • Restrictions may apply if more than one student from a school or network wishes to participate. If more than one student from a single school registers, the situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis; parents and students may be contacted for further discussion, as necessary.
  • Parental Permission is required for students to participate.
Parents may register a student below for 2020-21 school year.
I, the parental guardian, give permission for the above named student to participate in the POL program for unaffiliated students:
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