Create Now: Teaching Artist Lab

The Nebraska Arts Council believes in making arts learning opportunities available for all Nebraskans, despite times that require social distancing. We’ve asked NAC Roster Artists to create virtual programs that engage viewers in their various art forms. Our artists have responded with video experiences in which viewers can become interactive participants. Programs are suitable for families and people of all ages, with some of them geared toward specific age ranges. A new Create Now artist-led video experience will be introduced monthly.     

Create Now: Drawing With Kristin Pluhacek

Artist Statement

I depend a lot on direct observation when making a drawing or painting, which I think is essential to connecting with the world and expanding the conversation beyond the studio. So while my imagery is representational, I try to keep it open, inviting the viewer to engage with the subjects as I have and to experience the mystery of them as they emerge. I was raised by parents who were scientists and seekers, and who quietly encouraged me to recognize the expansiveness of everyday life. In our family, the joy was in the discovery rather than the containment. 

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