Questions and Answers

1. Briefly describe your normal studio practice and work as a teaching artist.-My work as a teaching artist occurs in community creating theatre and telling stories with and for young people

2. How has sharing your work with students, teachers, and other artists shifted?-My work as a teaching artist has from collaborating with students in classrooms to collaborating with students online. I create with students on zoom classroom and not in the actual classroom

3. If your activities incorporate educational learning standards, whether formal or informal, please discuss them.-Although I have not intestinally linked my work to learning standards. I have woven my work through the process of Universal Design For Learning (UDL) a process that gives opportunity for students with and without disabilities to create and learn together.

4. Are there follow-up activities beyond the one you are presenting?-The video gives opportunity for viewers to create theatre in their own homes using the film as inspiration.

5. What is your favorite non-art activity that inspires you?-I love reading memoirs and autobiographies

6. List an artist(s) that you look to for inspiration and explain why.

I am inspired by the work of theater various theatre companies and theatre artists.

I am currently inspired by the work of Trusty Sidekick Theatre Company in NYC and the Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis. The work of these institutions continues to push boundaries of what it means to create work with and for children. Viewing their work enables me to push my own work to the next level.