Creative Prompt

Writing Prompt: Poem as Time Capsule


Step 1.

We are living in a unique time. Even if you’re still going to work, you don’t eat in restaurants anyway, are doing “regular” things, everyone around you is trying to figure out what their life is. Especially the Sports reporters.

What I’d like you to do is spend some time thinking about the details of these past 3 weeks. What is different and noteworthy. Things like in the poems I just read where I mention people making music on balconies, I want you to spend some time in silence. If you’re driving, turn off the radio. If you’re walking, don’t listen to a podcast. Riding an exercise bike? Don’t watch Disney+. Be in silence and think about the details of your day, your week, your month.

Then write. Even if all you’re doing is recording small details, write. Maybe a poem, maybe a story, maybe a list. How are meals different? Is time different in your day? Do you know what day it is? How is your work or school different?

In all these details, fill in, also, what are you grateful for? What and who are you afraid for? What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen in your house or on your street? Have you had moments of panic?

Maybe you’ll come up with something amazing and surprising. And if you don’t, go to...

Step 2.

Take what you’ve written and put it all in a Google Calendar (or whatever you use) event for 10 years from right now. Part of writing that keeps me at it is that it’s a time capsule. Even my first poems, though I’d be horrified now to see them in print anywhere other than my private folder, take me back to those times, put me back there.

And that’s what this can do. Tell Future You to read what you wrote and write a poem on it. You will then write the best poem you’ve ever written. Track me down and send it to me.