Creative Prompt

Project: Create a dynamic colorful mosaic using Zoom


Materials Needed:

  1. 3 or more people
  2. 2 or more different colored pieces of paper per person. Letter size or larger works best. Thicker material like file folders or cardstock is ideal
  3. 1 laptop per person
  4. 1 Zoom account per person


Here’s how:

  1. Schedule a Zoom meeting with participants
  2. Make sure each person is facing a window or had a bright light shining toward their face, not in the background.
  3. Decide who will record the video. This person will be the team leader.
  4. Mute everyone except the team leader.
  5. Team leader uses a metronome or music to set the pace with a beat. 
  6. Everyone holds up a piece of paper to the camera on their computer, filling the screen.
  7. On the beat everyone puts up a different color of paper. Practice this to make the transitions smooth. Tip: hold the paper close to the camera.
  8. Post your video and tag me on Facebook or Instagram @s.berkeley. I want to see what you make!
  9. That’s it!
  10. If you want to get fancy you can have some people switching papers on the off-beat.