Artist Statement

Sydney Shead Artist Statement


It is my desire to use film to show beauty and humanity within people groups that have been misrepresented in media. I hope to showcase the telling of stories that connect the importance of unwavering resilience to navigating unfamiliar territory and overcoming trauma or adversities in life.

Using film and storytelling I hope to express the importance of honoring the experiences of others and ridging what I’ve seen in education, family and human service work to the vibrancy, individuality and commonalities among all humans. I believe art is a powerful way to express an idea, gently speak to the truth in all of us and prompt positive change in how we engage with one another.

The Unwavering Project features the true stories of resilience shared through the lens of millennial aged black men. Tales of how confrontation with hardship, failure and triumph helped birth discipline, persistence, creativity and support from Omaha and nearby Nebraska communities are expressed.

I feel responsible to help tell stories of the rich realities of human experiences. I hope to do my part in dispelling stereotypes, misconceptions and misrepresentations of people groups that are proven to be untrue. The Unwavering Project celebrates the universal capacity all human beings have, to be unwavering in our pursuit of a better life for self, family and community