Creative Prompt

Creative Prompt:

Sometimes, just the very idea of creative writing stops us dead in our tracks.  We wrestle with where to start and how to find something to write about that feels relatable to others. Just the thought of the whole thing seems pretty daunting…like how do you write a whole song??? Don’t think about it too hard! That’s part of the problem, thinking your way right out of creativity. We find creativity happens in the grey areas. The space in-between the black and white. There’s no wrong or right way to write a song, and that’s what makes each artist so unique! Here’s what we’ve been doing lately to create some fun around writing, and we encourage you to try your hand at it too!

First things first, get out of your head. Take a moment to just sit with yourself and clear your mind. Put your feet on the ground, take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. Begin to notice your breath and follow it. Clearing your mind of all the clutter. Notice your breath in your belly and notice how your belly rises with each inhale and falls with each exhale over and over again. Do this for 2-5 min (or however long you like), you can even set a timer if it will help. When you’re finished move on to the next step.

Look around and find an item in your environment. Maybe it’s outside or maybe it’s inside, it doesn’t really matter. Find one that sticks out to you. Once you’ve settled on that item think about what kind of story it would tell if it were able to talk or have human emotions. Contemplate this item…maybe even connect with it a bit.  Is this item old and worn? New and shiny? Is it something that’s often used, and no one thinks about? Start to think of that item as a character in a story. What would it have to say? What kind of emotions does it have to share? How do we humans interact with it? Once you get started you might be surprised how easy the words come out. Let them flow out onto the paper and don’t get hung up on trying to get it perfect right from the start. You have all of the time in the world to go back and rearrange things to get them just the way you want them.

We’ve done this recently with an old potbelly stove that we turned into a firepit. We wrote about it as if he were an “old man” long forgotten. Ted shared this writing idea with a friend, and he wrote a whole song about an old pair of shoes in the closet. We hope you try this for yourself and find some great inspiration all around you! Feel free to share with us or reach out with any questions.