Creative Prompt

Releasing Your Soul to Live in Song

Thinking about when I have felt the urge to write a song or lyric it usually happens at a time when I am alone and thinking about a certain emotion or feeling.  My creativity usually grows from my time to assess things in my life or in the world as it is at the moment.  Being able to turn some analytical thoughts into something poetic and moving can be a challenge.  Thinking back on those times I have been successful with that I would say this is what happens.

  1. I’m alone without distractions, often not intentionally.
  2. I always have a way to record the lyric as they appear in my mind
  3. After I have the lyric I focus on a melody that complements the tone of the lyric.
  4. Sometimes I hear the melody ahead of the lyric and when this happens the lyric usually comes later at another time.
  5. During this process I feel a release in my soul that I am expressing what I feel needs to be told.