Artist Statement

For me, art has been an ideal, a challenge and a yearning throughout my life. As the child of physician parents who loved the arts, visits to museums near our Philadelphia home were a regular part of my upbringing. This early exposure to great art awakened in me a sense of connection to the many-faceted worlds art offered and ignited in me a desire to enter that realm of creativity.

I love looking at art almost as much as creating it. What draws me most is art that surprises me with its imagination, captivates me with its line, color and drama, and carries me with its movement, while inspiring me to also create. To my own work I bring all the disciplines I acquired in my training with all the liberty of my imagination and personality, in the hope that my work will captivate and delight those who view it.

Because many of my works becomes permanent fixtures in public-access buildings and spaces, I am aware that my art will ‘speak’ to a widely diverse audience and to varying generations. I think art has the power to transcend the temporary and reach the most profound movements of the human heart – the features that bind us together as one human family.

A career in art has not been an easy path to forge. But it is a path of both privilege and responsibility. Even in the midst of laboring through a challenging project, I am attentive to those for whom I’m creating the work – those who will encounter my art and may find their path that day a little brighter or more peaceful.